Sometimes the people, or person, you do the most for; make them the most money, keep them from looking like idiots (because of their lack of knowledge – or they do not care) and/or buffer others dislike for them…..  Treat you like shit….  I’m getting tired….  I am tired of the negativity…. Tired of the constant complaining without offering a solution…….  Tired of periods of ellipses….


Complaining without doing something about it is absolutely useless.  Sometime the best course of action, if a person is that unhappy, is self-reflection and self-honestly.  Got to, have to… BE HONEST with yourself.  If everyone is not good enough, every single person in the persons poor miserable life; chances are that person is the root cause.


just sayin.



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Every now and then, I feel the need to get this crap out there

It’s been a few years since activity, and for that, I apologize.  The way I’ve been feeling, the things going on and general state of the world… I should get this out of my system more.  It’s healthy to let it out instead of hold it in.  Taking new contributions, so if you want to bitch about crap along with me, here ya go.  Register on up.


In the slight case someone stumbles across this, *and* if you think my post might be about you… It probably is.  Thing is, most likely, i will not care – hence being on this site.


Have a good night, y’all.



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Sorry, It’s been awhile, but i have a doozie for y’all

I’m driving home a few days ago and the idiot(s) were out in force.  For those of you that don’t know, I live out in the country but commute to town to work.

Here’s the story. I’m just now calm enough to write it down.

I am headed south on a 5 lane (4 lanes and a turn) road, 35MPH speed limit, in the left lane, running about 55. Yes, I admit freely that I was speeding. There is a Tahoe in the right lane running about 45MPH, yes, they were speeding too. This is where it gets fun.  I am passing this dude, in the proper left lane, about a quarter of a mile before a traffic light (which is green). Another quarter mile *PAST* the traffic light the right lane merges into the left and it becomes a 55MPH, 2 lane, state highway.

As I start to pass the dude, he guns it (remember, I’m already going faster than he and it is over 2600 feet before the merge). No. Hell Fucking Goddamn No Fucking Way you are going to try that. Maybe tomorrow, not this fucking day, not with me anyway.

As we pass underneath the green traffic signal, we’re side-by-side running ~65, quickly coming upon the merge. Remember, right lane must yield on this stretch of road. That’s right motherfucker, I gots the right-of-way.  The next ~.5 seconds gets weirder. I’m in the left, he’s in the right, we’re running 75MPH at this point……. He has to make a choice. I had already committed to my choice. The right lane ends into a guardrail; he either hits it or hits the brakes. I was willing to sell him my 20 year old piece of shit SUV since i had the right-of-way.

He trys to fake me by coming over, but remember…. I have the right of way. I didn’t move, he does a full ABS brake and falls in behind me.  RIGHT ON MY ASS.  So, by this time, I’m past pissed, still in control, but way passed pissed. He is so close behind me that I can’t even see his grill in the rear view. What do you kind readers think I should do?

Yep, I fly the middle finger, drop a gear and full brakes. That got his attention. Remember, I still have the right-of-way and if he hits me, I just sold my piece of shit SUV.  In the meantime, I open the glove box and fumble around with something (We have gun carry permits in this state). I didn’t have a gun in the vehicle, but no one else knows this.

He backs off about 50 yards, I maintain ~65 and he proceeded along behind me.

I’m a creature of habit. There is a convenience store about 5 more miles down the road that I stop at almost daily to get cigs and beer. Running 60-65, I’ve had about 5 mins to think this situation over. I pull into the store, into my regular parking place and he pulls in too, but didn’t park.  He stops parallel to the road about 20 paces away.

I get out of the vehicle, but instead of going into the store, i start walking toward his Tahoe tucking the back of my shirt in  (Side Note — I’m not a rip off my shirt and fight kind of guy).  I can see him better now. He’s probably got 100 pounds on me and i don’t care. He’s a big fucking bubba with little fucking brain.  My intent was to pull him out of his vehicle and have my way with him, but as I reach for the drivers door handle……..


The bastard speeds away.


GODDAMNIT!!!!  I only get that mindset once every 10 years and that pussy drives off.

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Lazy Much?

It's not corrosion, it's a protective coating.


I really don’t have much to say on this.


Some people.

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Check Check Check……

OK People let’s talk about the word CHECK, it’s definition and what it really means when people use it in a automotive setting.

From Websters: a : a standard for testing and evaluation : criterion
From Moppys: 1: a visual peek or quick action

The word check in the automotive world stems from the day of the full service, service station. “Gas ‘er up and check the oil, please” I suppose unless you live in very rural America or Oregon, no one pumps your gas anymore, much less checks your oil. Back then it was the norm to pop the hood and pull the dipstick while the tank was filling. If your car was low on oil, they would sell you a quart along with your fill-up.

Fast forward to today world:

I know the economy has been pretty bad. I know people are out of work, especially in my area. I know some people are cheap fucking bastards. The bastards are the topic of this thing you are reading here. Continue reading

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If I pretend stupid, is it cheaper?

One of those people called today:

“Moppy Tire company, this is mop.”

“How much do you charge for a tire rotation”?

“What kind of vehicle is it”?

“A 2000-something Saab, just a simple tire rotation is all I need”

“Does it have aftermarket tires/wheels or is it just a stock Saab”?

“It’s just a plain Saab. All I need is a tire rotation. I’m not from around here and someone referred me to you”.

“I see, well a tire rotation is 10 dollars, you don’t need an appointment, just drop by at your convenience”.

“I called earlier and the lady that answered told me the same thing. Can I come in now”?

“Yessir, anytime is fine. Your convenience”.

“Ok, I’ll come in in a few minutes”.

“Alright sir, sounds good. Thanks for the call”.


We were pretty busy this afternoon and there is no way I can greet each customer or write each work order. I was in the shop checking WO’s and helping to manage the workflow when I saw the ticket for a Saab (which was almost finished) for rotation and balance. Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse

ARRRGGggghhh Thar she blows

This came in today. 3 HUGE knots on the sidewall, one of which has already popped. It’s hard to see in the pic but it looks just like Mickey Mouse.

According to the date code, the tire is 11 years old coupled with the fact it had ~110psi in it and it’s only rated for 80….. Could have been catastrophic.

Be careful people.

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My Brakes are making a grinding noise

My brakes are making a grinding noise

This fine sight comes from a 23 year old “kid” that his mother gave him the funds to fix his brakes several weeks prior. He came into the shop asking:
“How much to do rear brakes on my s-10. They are making a noise”
“129.95 for a standard brake job including resurfacing rotors and name brand pads–we don’t use cheap Autozone stuff” I replyed.
“Well, they have been making noise for quite some time now”
“I’ll give you a call with a complete estimate once I get it apart and see what we’re dealing with”.
“Whatever it costs, it has to be fixed”, the mother interjected, “I’ve already given him the money”
I bet that son of a bitch smoked it up already I thought quietly to myself. Continue reading

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I might finally do it.

Been thinking about starting something like this for awhile now. Had a few extra minutes and a few clicks later here it is…….. installed.

A little about me: I’m early 40’s, have 2 daughters and run a very busy tire and automotive shop. I’ll not disclose my name for now because i’d hate for some of the people I will be writing about to read my thoughts. Yeah, I’ve lost faith in humans and their general lack of common sense. I’ll probably drop the F-bomb quite a bit in describing these idiots and their deeds.

There *will be* pictures of the things people do (and try to do) to their cars. There will be logs of the stupid phone calls i get and lastly there will be general ramblings that occur inside my “not quite right” head.

Welcome to mopnet and if you are easily offended, well, screw it. I don’t care.



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