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General rambling and other things unrelated to the way people treat their cars.


Sometimes the people, or person, you do the most for; make them the most money, keep them from looking like idiots (because of their lack of knowledge – or they do not care) and/or buffer others dislike for them…..  Treat you like shit….  I’m getting tired….  I am tired of the negativity…. Tired of the […]

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Every now and then, I feel the need to get this crap out there

It’s been a few years since activity, and for that, I apologize.  The way I’ve been feeling, the things going on and general state of the world… I should get this out of my system more.  It’s healthy to let it out instead of hold it in.  Taking new contributions, so if you want to […]

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Sorry, It’s been awhile, but i have a doozie for y’all

I’m driving home a few days ago and the idiot(s) were out in force.  For those of you that don’t know, I live out in the country but commute to town to work. Here’s the story. I’m just now calm enough to write it down. I am headed south on a 5 lane (4 lanes […]

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Check Check Check……

OK People let’s talk about the word CHECK, it’s definition and what it really means when people use it in a automotive setting. From Websters: a : a standard for testing and evaluation : criterion From Moppys: 1: a visual peek or quick action The word check in the automotive world stems from the day […]

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If I pretend stupid, is it cheaper?

One of those people called today: “Moppy Tire company, this is mop.” “How much do you charge for a tire rotation”? “What kind of vehicle is it”? “A 2000-something Saab, just a simple tire rotation is all I need” “Does it have aftermarket tires/wheels or is it just a stock Saab”? “It’s just a plain […]

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I might finally do it.

Been thinking about starting something like this for awhile now. Had a few extra minutes and a few clicks later here it is…….. installed. A little about me: I’m early 40’s, have 2 daughters and run a very busy tire and automotive shop. I’ll not disclose my name for now because i’d hate for some […]

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