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Mickey Mouse

This came in today. 3 HUGE knots on the sidewall, one of which has already popped. It’s hard to see in the pic but it looks just like Mickey Mouse. According to the date code, the tire is 11 years old coupled with the fact it had ~110psi in it and it’s only rated for […]

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My Brakes are making a grinding noise

This fine sight comes from a 23 year old “kid” that his mother gave him the funds to fix his brakes several weeks prior. He came into the shop asking: “How much to do rear brakes on my s-10. They are making a noise” “129.95 for a standard brake job including resurfacing rotors and name […]

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I might finally do it.

Been thinking about starting something like this for awhile now. Had a few extra minutes and a few clicks later here it is…….. installed. A little about me: I’m early 40’s, have 2 daughters and run a very busy tire and automotive shop. I’ll not disclose my name for now because i’d hate for some […]

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