I might finally do it.

Been thinking about starting something like this for awhile now. Had a few extra minutes and a few clicks later here it is…….. installed.

A little about me: I’m early 40’s, have 2 daughters and run a very busy tire and automotive shop. I’ll not disclose my name for now because i’d hate for some of the people I will be writing about to read my thoughts. Yeah, I’ve lost faith in humans and their general lack of common sense. I’ll probably drop the F-bomb quite a bit in describing these idiots and their deeds.

There *will be* pictures of the things people do (and try to do) to their cars. There will be logs of the stupid phone calls i get and lastly there will be general ramblings that occur inside my “not quite right” head.

Welcome to mopnet and if you are easily offended, well, screw it. I don’t care.



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