If I pretend stupid, is it cheaper?

One of those people called today:

“Moppy Tire company, this is mop.”

“How much do you charge for a tire rotation”?

“What kind of vehicle is it”?

“A 2000-something Saab, just a simple tire rotation is all I need”

“Does it have aftermarket tires/wheels or is it just a stock Saab”?

“It’s just a plain Saab. All I need is a tire rotation. I’m not from around here and someone referred me to you”.

“I see, well a tire rotation is 10 dollars, you don’t need an appointment, just drop by at your convenience”.

“I called earlier and the lady that answered told me the same thing. Can I come in now”?

“Yessir, anytime is fine. Your convenience”.

“Ok, I’ll come in in a few minutes”.

“Alright sir, sounds good. Thanks for the call”.


We were pretty busy this afternoon and there is no way I can greet each customer or write each work order. I was in the shop checking WO’s and helping to manage the workflow when I saw the ticket for a Saab (which was almost finished) for rotation and balance.

For those of you that don’t know, we run 7 bays, 4 of which are tire bays with 3 of the (in my opinion) best tire techs in town. Our guys know their shit and know it well. To the untrained observer it appears like complete chaos. We crank out a very large volume of work in a very little amount of time; done right, no shortcuts. We’re not the cheapest in town, but we are the fastest and get paid for it. Having said that, we don’t screw anyone either. We are priced average for this area; not the cheapest nor the most expensive. Good, Cheap or Fast—-pick any two.

Back to the saab guy: Tech backed the car out, i brought in the ticket and gave it to the lady that helps me run the counter (office manager for lack of a better title), she tells old guy he’s ready…..

“Ok Sir, 43.95 for today”.

“I called a few minutes ago and the person that answered the phone said a rotation was 10 bucks. What happened”?

“When you came in, you asked for a rotate and computer balance. $39.95 plus tax is what we charge for 4 balances and the rotation is free since the tires are off the car anyway”.

I looked up from my desk which is within speaking distance from the service counter; “Sir, I’m Mop Moppy, I spoke with you on the phone a few minutes ago. Balancing your tires was never mentioned in our conversation. You stated to me all you needed was a tire rotation, which is indeed 10 dollars”.

“Rotate, Rotate and computer balance, I don’t know the difference. That’s why I bring my car somewhere to have it done for me. Exactly what *is* the difference.” he stated with a flippant I-can-afford-a-ten-year-old-saab voice/attitude.

EDIT:{the guy actually ASKED FOR the balances}

“Well sir, A tire rotation takes one bay, one lift, one wrench, one tech and 5 minutes. A Rotate and computer balance takes one bay, one lift, one wrench, two techs (the other tech isn’t required but we tag-team for speed), one $12,000 top of the line wheel balancer, new wheel weights, and 10 minutes. The charge for today is 43.85. Had you stated that on the phone, I would have quoted balancing but all you needed was a rotation on the phone.

“Well, I won’t be coming back here……”

I cut him off: “That’s right sir, you won’t be. 43.85 please.”

Cheap fucking bastard. I was having a good day up until that.

And yeah, He paid his bill in full.

Fucking cheap ass fucker.

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