My Brakes are making a grinding noise

My brakes are making a grinding noise

This fine sight comes from a 23 year old “kid” that his mother gave him the funds to fix his brakes several weeks prior. He came into the shop asking:
“How much to do rear brakes on my s-10. They are making a noise”
“129.95 for a standard brake job including resurfacing rotors and name brand pads–we don’t use cheap Autozone stuff” I replyed.
“Well, they have been making noise for quite some time now”
“I’ll give you a call with a complete estimate once I get it apart and see what we’re dealing with”.
“Whatever it costs, it has to be fixed”, the mother interjected, “I’ve already given him the money”
I bet that son of a bitch smoked it up already I thought quietly to myself.

So. We get it in the shop, tear it down and this is what we see. Mind you, it has NO brake pedel considering the piston has came out of the caliper bore already. Rotor on the other side isn’t quite so bad, but obviously needs replacing as well.

“Yes ma’am, it’s going to have to have calipers and rotors; both sides”
“How much are we looking at?”
“About 400 bucks, parts, labor and taxes included.”
“But you said 129 on the phone……..”

OK, Mop, breathe…. The mom handled it pretty well considering she’d already forked over 200 to the kid 3 weeks before. This one was pretty easy. These folks have traded with us before and they are pretty nice people. I’m not going to try and sell parts that aren’t needed to anyone, much less a regular customer. The kid ended up needing everything on the rear brakes except the hoses.

When I asked him “How long has it been grinding?” he replied 2 weeks.


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