About me:

I’m 41 and have long hair to cover my bald spot. It’s not a mullet, it’s a skillet.

2 daughters; 14 and 10

A wife that somehow manages to put up with me and my bullshit.

There is a whole lot of geek and nerd in me. I like things most people either don’t understand or don’t care about.

I run a fairly large tire dealership.

Not much bothers me because some days I simply don’t care. It’s not my fault that someone screwed you up/over/around. It wasn’t me.

I have a small handful of close friends. Currently in the process of weeding out the unproductive friendships. They get neither of us anywhere.

I distrust most people. The few that are trusted….would trust with everything.

I smile, I’m pleasant and most folks are none the wiser.

I drink lots of beer although I’m not a drunk. Fully Functional┬«.

Opiates make me happy; had to give them up. Period.

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